We are so excited to be offering our Musical Theater Summer Camp this year, but due to COVID-19 there will be limited spaces so register soon if you would like your child to attend our summer program.   Here are changes that we are implementing to keep your children safe:


  1. AMTC will teach and practice the CDC guidelines for Respiratory Hygiene and Cough Etiquette at AMTC Camp.

  2. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of any high touch surfaces.

  3. Groups of no more than 10 students will be working with one instructor. This will help to keep gatherings to ten people or less.

  4. No large group games. Games, activities, and rehearsals will be limited to the small groups of ten people or less including instructors. There will be no mixing of groups.

  5. When we do meet in our larger group we will adhere to social distancing. 

  6. We will not allow the sharing of lunches or snacks. Students should bring their own lunches. We ask that each student bring their own towel or blanket to sit on during lunch outside. This will help with social distancing and keep kids in their own space. 

  7. Health screening. We will be checking students each day upon arrival to camp to make sure they are not showing any symptoms. 

  8. If students become symptomatic at AMTC camp, they will be kept separate from the group, and parents notified to come and pick up the student.

  9. AMTC will provide our custom buffs (face coverings) this year. Students will have to cover their faces when using communal areas like the bathroom and can choose to cover their faces when needed. 

We ask that parents help us in the following ways:

  1. If your child is not feeling well or shows symptoms, please keep them at home.

  2. Parents will not be allowed In the building at all.  We need to keep the number of people to a minimum.

  3. Drop off will be done from your car in front of the building. We will stagger drop off so that each group has time to ender together and get to their groups before other campers arrive.  We will check students, sign them in and escort them to their group. We will do the same for pick up.

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