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Welcome to My Musical Theater Annapolis

Empowering Young Performers Through

Musical Theater

At My Musical Theater Annapolis, we inspire and empower children ages 4-17 through the transformative power of musical theater. Founded by Priscilla Smith, with over 16 years of experience, we offer expert instruction and a nurturing environment.

Why Choose Us?

- Expert Instruction: Led by experienced instructors, including Priscilla and her counselor children.

- Comprehensive Programs: Covering all aspects of musical theater.

- Personal Growth: Developing courage, compassion, creativity, and confidence.

- Supportive Environment: Safe, inclusive, and fun.

- Passionate Community: Celebrate each child's unique talents.


Programs Offered:


- Summer Camps: Held in June and late July-August.

- Year-Round Classes: Fall classes for all ages.

- Homeschool Program: Specially designed for homeschoolers.


Join Us!


Experience the magic of musical theater with My Musical Theater 

Transforming Lives Through the Arts – One Performance at a Time!

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